Thursday, July 21, 2011

For the Love of Hearts

Alternative wedding rings/bands have been going around the blogging block these days.  Why leave all the love and hearts to the bride and groom though?  Or mainly the bride, I don't really see a lot of grooms running around sporting bands with hearts engraved all over them.  (More power to ya if you ARE that groom who's an exception to the rule!) I may have a slight obsession with the hearts (As Februrary's I Heart Hearts might have given away!) but why not show your bridesmaids how much you "heart" them with one of these rings.  Hello cutesy bridesmaid gift.

Clockwise: My Love Ring ; Baby  Heart Chain Ring ; Black Heart Ring ; Just a Tiny Heart Ring ; Double Heart Ring
I'm privy to the Baby Heart Chain Ring.  Not that I pick favorites (Said while covering the ears of all the other rings.)

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