Monday, February 14, 2011

I Heart Hearts.

With today being Valentine's Day,   I thought I'd do my own little spin on the Holiday of LUV.  When I think of the big day of red, I think of retro, over the top and lots of sweet.  What better place to have a little shindig to celebrate love than Ted's Bulletin.  Who knows if the Restaurant (owned by the inventors of Matchbox...yuuum) would actually rent out the whole place for an evening, but wouldn't it be fun if they did.  Having the restaurant cater the party would be awesome in itself, burgers, shakes and cakes oh my! With plenty of historic churches around this Eastern Market neighborhood of DC, the couple would have their choice of scenic ceremony locations.


I've never been a fan of short wedding dresses until I saw this dress. 

The Bride
Pardon the fact that both images are of red heads.  I secretly have always wanted to be a redhead, so maybe it was a subconscious thing.  Instead I just collect friends with red hair.  I mean...I like them for their personalities! I also love sticking objects in hair styles, be it bobby pinning jeweled bracelets around or braid or putting some hearts strategically placed under a bird cage veil.  Not pictured: birdcage veil. 
Now it's time to have a little fun...

The Maids
1. Bando Headband
2. Etsy Head Piece
3. Red Dress
4.) Pink Dress
5.) Magenta Shoe
6. Red Shoe

Reds, pinks, magentas AND sequins??? Why yes-sir-y-bob.   I used to shy away of combining pinks and reds, but seriously why wouldn't you on Valentine's Day (and now every other day of the year).  How cute is that sparkly heart crown?  I hear they make it with gold stars as well, just saying. Just imagine how cute the pictures would be. You could have a funky alternative bouquet of hearts and buttons instead of flowers.  OR flowers and magentas, whites, reds and purples.   I would probably suggest giving the headbands as gifts along with these puppies...

Gifts for Your Maids
1.) A girl is going to get cold in the month of February (A)
2.) A girl is going to get cold in the month of February (B)
3.) Who doesn't love Lady Bugs?

Let's Not Ignore the Men
Jumping Men Brought to you by the letters...OnceWed
1.) How cute would these be instead of boutineers??
2.) Hello Converse Cutie

Ok, I know I used a lot, but I couldn't help myself! I do own the heart headband in red.  You can bet your bottom dollar I'm getting my use out of it!


Oh yes, and they all lived happily ever after....even the maids.

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