Monday, March 28, 2011

Sentimental Sense of Humor

My friend Liz over at Reston Style introduced me to a couple new local fashion bloggers. Seeing as I'm not really "in the scene" I tend to just fly under the radar and steal & credit when I come across something I enjoy.  This being said, I was introduce (via email) to Tierney of Ruby Woo Loves You and saw these bad boys by shopsaplingpress.  (That was a lot of linking for me!)

Funny cards, but-where-am-I-going-with-this, right?  Hop on my thought process train.  The day I saw these cards, was the day I found out one of my San Fran girls had gone and gotten herself engaged.  (YAY!)  That will be a whole post within itself, but for now this is where my mind went.  Awesome/ hilarious people getting engaged...I wonder how he did it (they sent a pic and then hopped on a plane to Chile for 3 weeks, so I'm letting my imagination take over for the time being).

They actually probably had a low key engagement, but how cute would it be to incorporate these cards into a scavenger hunt of some sort.  IE funny card on the outside, with a sentimental note on the inside and a clue to where to fine the next card...all leading to someone on one knee with a diamond ring or alternative if you're not into diamonds).  Just saying, that could be cute, no? 

This also caught my attention of how to "pop" the question.  Oh. Puns.

Pop-up Proposal from Kyle Olmon on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Save the Date: May 2011

You better believe we are going to see this together!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Treehouse Affair

TreeHouse Point's link has been sitting in my favorites folder at work for awhile now.  Two years ago, I had the intention to add it to my work blog for architectural inspiration.  Well...that never happened, oops. 

The Location
TreeHouse Point
I had a foggy association with a wedding whenever I would pull it up, and now I remember why! While thumbing through a (now null and void) wedding blog, C is for...Charmed, I realized that I had originally seen this in a wedding after all and THEN I stalked down the location.  How silly of me to think it was the other way around. 

This Washington state treehouse bed and breakfast makes for a very rustic/romantic backdrop for some nuptials. Hollin and Erin seemed to think so at least...

The Inspiration
Hollin + Eric by Ben Blood Photography
A bride with tights is a bride after my own heart.  How fun would it be to have a rehearsal dinner around a campfire the night before?  S'more's anyone?!

Now, what would bridesmaids want to wear for an outdoor (under twinkle lights if I had it my way) wedding?  I went straight to Sohomode for custom dress suggestions.  The ones I originally saw, well they were sold out.  BUT since they are all custom, seems like you could get them made again in the same color schemes. 

For the Maids
1a.) Custom Tea Dress
1b.) Pot of Gold Heels
2a.) Custom Tea Dress
2b.) Silver Glam Rock Heels
3a.) Custom Tea Dress
3b.) Natural Wonder Heels
4a.) Custom Tea Dress
4b.) Feel the Rhythm Pumps

For the Maids' Hair
Antique Flower BobbyPins; Handmade hair poms
For the Maids' Wrists
The Vamoose Bracelets
Now for the bride.  I came across this vintage dress on Etsy and was going to post it as a "Is it bad that I like this??" type thing.  BUT I feel like it's true home belongs on someone in a house in the sky (by sky, I mean trees).

The Bride
1.) Vintage Wedding Dress
2.) Etsy Flower Veil
3.) Stud Earrings
4.) Vamoose Acorn Necklace
 (to be layered with)
5.) Cameo Necklace
6.) Christina Slingback Pump
Of course all the woodland creatures broke into song and lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding: The Shower

Julia Roberts may have fallen in love with her best friend, but I adore mine!   She is truly my best friend.  So when she FINALLY got engaged this fall, I was eager to throw her a shower.  You see, she met her groom when WE (Swiss Miss and me) were on a cruise vacation.  And I credit myself for leaving at some strategic times and ALLOWING this romantic connection to happen on the loooooovvvveeee boat! 
Here they are!  The Bride and the Groom (plus the twin)…

Her fiancĂ© calls her Swiss Miss, because well that’s a long and involved story, but let’s just say her mother went on her honeymoon to the Switzerland and 9 months later my best friend (along with her twin) made her debut into this world! 
So here is the first installment of My Best Friend’s Wedding:  The Bridal Shower.
First, the other hostess and I determine the colors.  Red, Black and White.  Keeping it simple and classic.

So the shower planning began.  And the most important element of the shower (besides Swiss Miss, of course) was food, food, food.  So we picked apps and desserts that we knew Swiss would love.  How do you think we did?

Hungry, yet?!
Food was crucial because Swiss is an amazing cook.  Everyone and I mean everyone who is friends with her will agree with me.  So we thought it would be fun to include recipe cards in the invitations.  The instructions to the guests were to “share their favorite recipe” with Swiss to add to her recipe collection.  We found this perfect little recipe box from Esty. It’s listed as sold, because we bought it but there are other ones that are just as cute!  And as favors, her twin came up with the idea to have packets of “Swiss Miss” for the guests.  Swiss’s mom brought us the adorable picture of Swiss baking…just perfect!

We asked her fiancĂ© some questions and then at the shower we asked Swiss the same questions while she opened gifts.  Let’s just say she was right most of the time!  It was a great way to interact with the bride and the guests (and learn some fun stories about Swiss).

The countdown is on…6 weeks to the wedding!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Tale of Two Dresses

The other weekend, my cousin came down to go wedding dress shopping.  She knew she wanted a J.Crew dress, and already (pretty much) had her mind made up on what she wanted before seeing them in person.  What she wasn't ready for was to come away from the experience liking two of the dresses.  On top of that, one of the options was picked out by her mother (GASP).

The Dresses...
J.Crew Wedding

She tried explaining to us, the reason she wanted a simple dress was because she dressed funky every other day of her life, she wanted something different.  At least for the base.  She wanted to be able to funk it up with accessories.  Because chunky necklaces, peacock feathers, and platform shoes were mentioned (much to my mothers dismay) I decided to try my hand at styling her two options.

1.) LK Designs Gold Necklace
2.) Ornamental Things -  Filigree Cuff Bracelet
3.) Ornamental Things - Aqua Rosary Bracelet
4.) Custom made sash made by ordering extra fabric from J.Crew
5.) Portobello - Avani Headpiece
6.) BlueFly - Hayden Cashmere Sweater
7.) Guess - Amity Shoe

1.) Etsy - Vintage Necklace
2.) Stella and Dot - Bardot Spiral Bangle
3.) Etsy - Vintage Bracelet
4a.) Etsy - Birdcage Veil
4b.) Etsy - Hair Clip to be worn with veil
5.) YOOX - Wrap Sweater
6.) Steve Madden - Glitsi Shoe

Not that I need to buy a new outfit, due to a closet full of wedding appropriate dresses. BUT, if I were to get a new somethin somethin for this back yard shindig at the end of May, I might, just might, get something along these lines.

1.) Anthropologie - Sunnie Soire Dress
2.) Forever 21 - Teardrop
3.) Kate Spade - New York Idiom Bangle
4.) Kensie Girl Pump

Ok, ok, ok...I'll wear something I have.  But how fun are those Kate Spade Bracelets?!

Friday, March 4, 2011

This Isn't Your Grandmother's Jewelry

But...bits and pieces are the owner of Noaki's Esty Shop's Grandmothers.
Noaki Jewelry
Just a little somethin something to sparkle up your Friday!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Designer Crush: Delphine Manivet

Gabriel + Fanny via OnceWed
 I came across this wedding awhile ago, but found myself going back to it.  Reasons why:

1.) I love her Dress.
2.) I love the veil knotted with her hair.
3.) I love her braided hair under the veil.
4.) They have a BEATLES BUS!
5.) It's French.
6.) I love her Dress.

So because I loved the dress enough to put it on the list twice, I decided to stalk down the designer.  Luckily for me and my amateur stalking skills, most websites link the designers.  And so became my love affair with Delphine Manivet's designs.

Delphine Manivet
 I found myself perusing her website longer than a single girl should.  Mainly due to the little vignettes next to the dresses themselves. 

Delphine Manivet
When I was little I always wanted to design wedding dresses.  Well that, while owning an orphanage in a castle on the cliffs during the winter and staying at my dog rescue ranch during the summer.  I had some strange dreams.  That being said, I decided to start sketching again.  These two are my first attempts.  

Note to self: Maybe try to make the brides look less alien like.  Here's hoping I get a little better at this!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 Bridesmaids Gifts

Wanna be a super cool bride and give your ‘maids something to brag on you about!?  Check out the suggestions below.

 1. The Jewelry

My unofficial survey says that jewelry is the number one gift for the ‘maids.  Ever received jewelry that you would only wear in a wedding (raising my hand)…can we say lots of cubic zirconia or as they say in India the “American Diamond.”   How cool would it be to get grayish/bluish freshwater pearls…nice spin on the traditional…
Wonderfully Made
I love them.  This company is sweet in every sense of the word (and of course I am not biased since my sister was one of the founders).  They are in business to help rescue girls who have been sex trafficked in Thailand.  The girls then learn a trade and waalaa, they make the jewelry you see on the website (here is the long story of this short story…. )

2.) The Clutch

Need a place to put all your “day of” essentials??  Look at these cute wristlet clutches.  Think your life is busy.  This fabulous mommy blogger that I  used to work with makes these in her spare time, when she isn’t chasing around her 3 kids. Blogger, mom and creative genius all in a days work.  She does custom orders for bridal parties!   
Wristlet Clutch - Leaves in Stone

3.) The Notebook

Your ‘maids might need a place to write down the numbers of the cute groomsmen’s  number…ok, maybe not since its 2011, but this notebook is so sweet.
Shop Oh Joy

 4.) The Headpiece

This is one of my favorites…perfect for any bridesmaid or flower girl!

5.) The Caffeine

This plus a Starbucks gift card would have your ‘maids perked up for the wedding day!
Oh Sweet Joy - Coffee Cuffs

6.) The Tote

This would be a great gift if you only had a few ‘maids and/or if you had a destination wedding…
Gussy - Yellow Woodgrain Market Tote

7.) The Monogram

If you live in the south, which I happen to…you know that everything monogrammed is everywhere!  Here is a fun twist on a long lived southern tradition.  There are so cute I can’t stand it.
The Letter Tree

 8.) One Can't Have Too Many Clutches
Cute, cutie, cute. 
aPearantly sew

 9.) The Candle

This is my favorite candle of ALL time.  When the ‘maids smell this thing, they will think of who gave it to them which is what I do when I smell the candle that is currently burning in my living room!
Anthro Candle - Volcano

 10.) The Vase

Ok, so I may have gotten stuck on the Anthropologie site…but who wants to catch the bouquet….really!?  Isn’t this a much better idea. Or for the ‘maids to put either bouquets to make them last a bit longer after your big day?  
Antrho Vase

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