Wednesday, February 2, 2011

There's Something About Neutrals...

Laura & Ryan via OnceWed and Braedon Photography
It's been over a year since my friend Ginger's wedding and she still teases me about my love for neutrals.  While helping her pick out her colors (or smiling and nodding when she would show me a new palette every week) I stumbled across this wedding on OnceWed.  Something about it just resignated with me.  Be it the neutral dresses, the fact that the bride is wearing a cardigan (love!) or the fact that they are all in boots, it just makes my heart swoon. 

After going on a date the other night, I came into the office to an eagerly awaiting Ginger ready to ask me, "Should I start picking out my neutral dress?!" She was quite proud of that comment I might add.   After avoiding an internal panic attack, I started thinking how I'd recreate a wedding based off Laura and Ryan's (above).   The first location that came to mind, be it not a barn was actually the town of Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. 

KCDS; MMiller; Brian Oh's

This is a town I've been going to since I was young.  Either with family, friends or boyfriends (or should I say flavor of the weeks...I jest) I try to make at least once a year.  For some reason I find it charming and romantic. I have no idea why I feel this way. My first memories of the town are going to the wax museum and on the ghost tour of the quaint Civil War town.  It doesn't quite scream "NEUTRAL CARDIGAN BOOT WEARING WEDDING!" But alas, in my opinion I think it just might work after all.

The Ceremony:

The Venue: Secret Six Tavern
intothelens photostream; Antoni Hanlon Photography's Photostream

The Secret Six Tavern may look small, and let's be real here, it is.  BUT I do think it would be good for a smaller reception.  Not pictured is the outdoor patio they have.  You could move some tables around to create a dance floor and who doesn't like beers on tap?

Now for the fun part...What would those maid's wear???  Hello medly of unique neutral dresses!

The Bridesmaid Dresses:

Now, I realized the dresses took a turn for the rose.  Pink is the new biege maybe? Just go with it!

In case this wedding was taking place in the summer, I thought I'd give some sassy strappy shoes/sandals options.  I do feel like it's more of a fall venue though, so I'd ask all the maid's to wear their own brown boots.  I mean, who doesn't own brown boots these days?

The Bridesmaid Shoes:

Now for the fun part, the bridesmaid gifts! It's always fun to recieve jewelry.  A piece the girls can wear on the day and still be a wearable keepsake for after the wedding.  In all my blog stalking, I came across the esty shop Elephantine.  Having recently ordered from them myself, I can first hand attest that they have they cutest packaging.  It even came with a miniture personalized thank you card!  I love how delicate all the pieces are.  They all also seem to be able to transition into your everyday wardrobe.  Or at least mine!  ;-)

Gift's for the Maids:
Following in suit of the fall weather and OnceWed wedding, it would be nice for all the maids to have a little something to keep them warm...
1: Boden Cashmere Cropped Cardigan
2: JCrew Dream V-neck cardigan
Onto the Bride...

Remember the horrible scene in 27 Dresses when the sister on hand cuts up the mom's wedding dress and everyone gasps/ hates her?  By everyone, I mean the audience.  Well, I wasn't one of them, I actually quite liked the new version! 

Luckily, I wasn't the only one who liked it.  Apparently JCrew caught on and made their own version.

Bride Attire:

Dress:  JCrew
If you can't afford the JCrew option, I found the same concept on Annabel and Ruby's Etsy Shop

The Ella Dress

And they all lived happily ever after.  Even the maids. 

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  1. Um - can I be in this wedding? Or have you plan mine? It looks like soo much fun! We could go tubing for the rehearsal dinner and grill out on "Redneck Rock"...


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