Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little something for your maids...

For the longest time I've had the idea to do fashion illustrations as artwork.  The sad fact that I'm afraid of adding any type of color to drawings (fear of commitment) usually prohibits me from finishing any one particular sketch.  While stalking the interwebs recently, I came across these Inslee sketches.  Be. Still. My. Heart. 

How adorable are these?
Shop Sketches

Now, what do these have to do with weddings?  I thought it'd be a cute idea for bridesmaids gifts, that's what! (Probably gathered that from the title of the post, huh?) You can order note cards or calendars, but she also sells 8"x10" prints.  How cute would it be to give each of your bestests a signature sketch that reminded you of them?  If that's not personalized enough, you can even commission the artist to do originals.  Pop one of these puppies in a antique frame you happened to pick up at the weekend flea market, took home and laquered in a bright hue, and you're good to go.  Too far with the laquered frame idea? I knoooow I'm lazy too.

Side Note: How cute would a series of these framed be in a little girls room?  Ok, that was random!
They might also look good as the artwork for a bridesmaid dress boutique dressing room.  Just saying!

Maybe I should try my hand at color after all!

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