Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Nantucket Wedding

My friend, Carrie, is headed to a wedding up in Nantucket in the near future.  Upon her request, I decided to put a few outfit pairing together inspired by the seaside town.

Nantucket Color Inspiration
via Stacey Hedman

Option 1: Olive and Blush
1 - 1A -1B -1C -1D -1E -1F

 Option 2: Olive, Reds and Teals
2 - 2A - 2B - 2C - 2D - 2E

Apparently I was on an olive kick, who knew? I may have cheated a bit as well though.  Only in the way that she told me she was thinking about buying option 1's dress.  Might as well have a jumping block!

I've never been to Nantucket, but it seems like this beach wedding will go off without a hitch...or actually, with a hitch! (bah dum, ching!)

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