Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Treehouse Affair

TreeHouse Point's link has been sitting in my favorites folder at work for awhile now.  Two years ago, I had the intention to add it to my work blog for architectural inspiration.  Well...that never happened, oops. 

The Location
TreeHouse Point
I had a foggy association with a wedding whenever I would pull it up, and now I remember why! While thumbing through a (now null and void) wedding blog, C is for...Charmed, I realized that I had originally seen this in a wedding after all and THEN I stalked down the location.  How silly of me to think it was the other way around. 

This Washington state treehouse bed and breakfast makes for a very rustic/romantic backdrop for some nuptials. Hollin and Erin seemed to think so at least...

The Inspiration
Hollin + Eric by Ben Blood Photography
A bride with tights is a bride after my own heart.  How fun would it be to have a rehearsal dinner around a campfire the night before?  S'more's anyone?!

Now, what would bridesmaids want to wear for an outdoor (under twinkle lights if I had it my way) wedding?  I went straight to Sohomode for custom dress suggestions.  The ones I originally saw, well they were sold out.  BUT since they are all custom, seems like you could get them made again in the same color schemes. 

For the Maids
1a.) Custom Tea Dress
1b.) Pot of Gold Heels
2a.) Custom Tea Dress
2b.) Silver Glam Rock Heels
3a.) Custom Tea Dress
3b.) Natural Wonder Heels
4a.) Custom Tea Dress
4b.) Feel the Rhythm Pumps

For the Maids' Hair
Antique Flower BobbyPins; Handmade hair poms
For the Maids' Wrists
The Vamoose Bracelets
Now for the bride.  I came across this vintage dress on Etsy and was going to post it as a "Is it bad that I like this??" type thing.  BUT I feel like it's true home belongs on someone in a house in the sky (by sky, I mean trees).

The Bride
1.) Vintage Wedding Dress
2.) Etsy Flower Veil
3.) Stud Earrings
4.) Vamoose Acorn Necklace
 (to be layered with)
5.) Cameo Necklace
6.) Christina Slingback Pump
Of course all the woodland creatures broke into song and lived happily ever after...


  1. I am in love with treehouses. My condo is even named "The Treehouse!" One may also consider traveling to the beautiful Big Sur, CA and lodge in a treehouse at the Post Ranch Inn ( -- I bet the views are priceless.

  2. Seriously amazed with the beautiful stuff that you pick for your blog! You have got to come play stylist for me!!


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