Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Tale of Two Dresses

The other weekend, my cousin came down to go wedding dress shopping.  She knew she wanted a J.Crew dress, and already (pretty much) had her mind made up on what she wanted before seeing them in person.  What she wasn't ready for was to come away from the experience liking two of the dresses.  On top of that, one of the options was picked out by her mother (GASP).

The Dresses...
J.Crew Wedding

She tried explaining to us, the reason she wanted a simple dress was because she dressed funky every other day of her life, she wanted something different.  At least for the base.  She wanted to be able to funk it up with accessories.  Because chunky necklaces, peacock feathers, and platform shoes were mentioned (much to my mothers dismay) I decided to try my hand at styling her two options.

1.) LK Designs Gold Necklace
2.) Ornamental Things -  Filigree Cuff Bracelet
3.) Ornamental Things - Aqua Rosary Bracelet
4.) Custom made sash made by ordering extra fabric from J.Crew
5.) Portobello - Avani Headpiece
6.) BlueFly - Hayden Cashmere Sweater
7.) Guess - Amity Shoe

1.) Etsy - Vintage Necklace
2.) Stella and Dot - Bardot Spiral Bangle
3.) Etsy - Vintage Bracelet
4a.) Etsy - Birdcage Veil
4b.) Etsy - Hair Clip to be worn with veil
5.) YOOX - Wrap Sweater
6.) Steve Madden - Glitsi Shoe

Not that I need to buy a new outfit, due to a closet full of wedding appropriate dresses. BUT, if I were to get a new somethin somethin for this back yard shindig at the end of May, I might, just might, get something along these lines.

1.) Anthropologie - Sunnie Soire Dress
2.) Forever 21 - Teardrop
3.) Kate Spade - New York Idiom Bangle
4.) Kensie Girl Pump

Ok, ok, ok...I'll wear something I have.  But how fun are those Kate Spade Bracelets?!

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  1. Kate Spade bangles might just be a must have!


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