Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 Bridesmaids Gifts

Wanna be a super cool bride and give your ‘maids something to brag on you about!?  Check out the suggestions below.

 1. The Jewelry

My unofficial survey says that jewelry is the number one gift for the ‘maids.  Ever received jewelry that you would only wear in a wedding (raising my hand)…can we say lots of cubic zirconia or as they say in India the “American Diamond.”   How cool would it be to get grayish/bluish freshwater pearls…nice spin on the traditional…
Wonderfully Made
I love them.  This company is sweet in every sense of the word (and of course I am not biased since my sister was one of the founders).  They are in business to help rescue girls who have been sex trafficked in Thailand.  The girls then learn a trade and waalaa, they make the jewelry you see on the website (here is the long story of this short story…. )

2.) The Clutch

Need a place to put all your “day of” essentials??  Look at these cute wristlet clutches.  Think your life is busy.  This fabulous mommy blogger that I  used to work with makes these in her spare time, when she isn’t chasing around her 3 kids. Blogger, mom and creative genius all in a days work.  She does custom orders for bridal parties!   
Wristlet Clutch - Leaves in Stone

3.) The Notebook

Your ‘maids might need a place to write down the numbers of the cute groomsmen’s  number…ok, maybe not since its 2011, but this notebook is so sweet.
Shop Oh Joy

 4.) The Headpiece

This is one of my favorites…perfect for any bridesmaid or flower girl!

5.) The Caffeine

This plus a Starbucks gift card would have your ‘maids perked up for the wedding day!
Oh Sweet Joy - Coffee Cuffs

6.) The Tote

This would be a great gift if you only had a few ‘maids and/or if you had a destination wedding…
Gussy - Yellow Woodgrain Market Tote

7.) The Monogram

If you live in the south, which I happen to…you know that everything monogrammed is everywhere!  Here is a fun twist on a long lived southern tradition.  There are so cute I can’t stand it.
The Letter Tree

 8.) One Can't Have Too Many Clutches
Cute, cutie, cute. 
aPearantly sew

 9.) The Candle

This is my favorite candle of ALL time.  When the ‘maids smell this thing, they will think of who gave it to them which is what I do when I smell the candle that is currently burning in my living room!
Anthro Candle - Volcano

 10.) The Vase

Ok, so I may have gotten stuck on the Anthropologie site…but who wants to catch the bouquet….really!?  Isn’t this a much better idea. Or for the ‘maids to put either bouquets to make them last a bit longer after your big day?  
Antrho Vase

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