Monday, April 4, 2011

Washington Post: Royal Wedding Dress Contest

Back in the begining of march I recieved two similar emails within the same week.  Each was forwarded from a friend.  One being forwarded on behalf of her coworker, and one on behalf of her boyfriend.  Both of these supportive fellas wanted me to enter a sketch in the Washington Post's Royal Wedding Dress contest.  After the first email, I looked up the rules, thought it'd be fun but didn't think much else of it.  After the second email I was like hmmm maybe I should actually just do it for fun.  Seeing as my resolution for 2011 is to make it the year of actions and follow through, maybe this could be my first step.  After a week of deadlines at work, and the sketch deadline fast approaching I decided to submitt whatever I could get done. This is what was produced...

I (not being well versed in royal wedding edicate) did not realize it's tradition for the bride to wear long sleeves...oops?  C'est la vie! 

The idea was to have a cap sleeve lace over coat to wear over a sleevless (once again, oops) gown for the ceramony.  For the reception, the crazy veil and coat could be shed to make getting down with her badself easier (aka dancing...she looks like she's the type to be the first one on the floor).  I didn't really think about actually explaining myself/ideas on the drawing itself, details details. 

What am I getting at here, right?  Well my top sketch (with the coat, because I also didn't think about putting them all on the same sheet) made it into the top 5 of the contest!  This means the public (you all...mostly friends and family) get to vote for your favorite design! (cough cough, mine!)

My Competition... 
Royal Wedding Dress Contest

Ok, I will not begrudge you if you pick the one in color.  It is well drawn, clean and portrays the design in a very professional manor, BUT if you want to be my friend know what to do! (I'm shameless.)

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